Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Perez Hilton Effs Michael Buble: WTF?!

Forget work. This is Not Safe For Human Eyes.

Isn't it romantic?? Answer: HELLZ NO!

Above, Perez Hilton engages in lascivious and probably illegal activity with Michael Buble.

Michael Buble is kind of cute and stylish, but sort of a D-listed. Perez Hilton is extremely not cute or stylish, and became an A-lister by making fun of A-to-Z-listers. Apparently Michael Buble is trying to F his way up the list by bending over for Perez.

Seriously, Mikey, you're a little chubby, but surely you could bang Ian McKellan or something instead? He's cute, in a grandfatherly imp kind of way, and he's got more staying power than Perez.

Oh well. We dub the couple Perezelbub, after Beelzebub. Because this just ain't right.

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Anonymous said...

Yuk, Perez Hilton ... what a loser. First she makes a name for herself by kissing Paris's skanky ass, then doodles on their pictures. His column is more about self promotion than anything else. I abandoned it for this site, Dlisted, and Kenneth in the 212.

And also, Perez is an F-lister ... that fat ass has the staying power of Ian McKellan staring at a nude picture of Phyllis Diller.