Friday, September 14, 2007

Janice Dickinson's Fug Model Search

Here's the deal. JDick is our good friend. OK, she's our friend on Myspace, but still. It totally counts.

She's casting the upcoming season of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency on Oxygen, and this time she's actually looking for fug models. OK, not fug, but models with bad skin and I guess good bone structure. That's cool. We have bad skin and kind of good bone structure. If we had a nose job and a chin implant, we mean.

Anyway. She's selling some kind of acne product. What are the chances it's NOT Proactiv? She should just cast Jessica Simpson and other washed-up Proactiv spokesmodels. They'd be lucky to get a gig on the next six-episode run of Jan's show!

Anyway, you know the season is going to be hot because JDick is probably the meanest bitch on TV. She told a homeless girl to get a nose job! This acne thing is going to be mortifying.

So the point of all this is, of course, that you think you're hot and you know you have bad skin, so go on and apply already.

Above, some of Janice's hot bitchboys.
Below, her hot homo sidekicks Gabe and Duke get Botox.

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