Thursday, September 13, 2007

Marc Jacobs: Murder on the Runway??

Fashion Smackdown!!

Marc Jacobs tells Women's Wear Daily that he hates the U.S. fashion scene and he's thinking of moving to another country. What's his beef? He's offended that people are pissed at him for starting his fashion show two hours late.
Source: New York

Oh, is that all?

Actually, he says there's more to the story. He says his schedule has been effed with in order to accommodate wonderful people like International Herald Tribune fashion editor Suzy Menkes. She had his three shows moved back-to-back in the early A.M. so she could skip town.

Her reasonable response? DEATH THREAT! Seriously! Here's what she says:

"I would like to murder him with my bare hands and never see another Marc Jacobs show in my entire life."


Also, she calls his collection "a freak's costume party."

We will withhold judgment and simply present the evidence.

Above: Marc Jacobs.

Below: Suzy Menkes.

Who's the freak?

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