Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Note to Jeremy Piven

Dear Germy,

While we understand that hair plugs, especially the really fancy kind you got that actually give good coverage, are expensive, that's no excuse to show up at Fashion Week parties looking like, well, K-Fed.

Seriously, WTF? The V-neck Fruit of the Loom undershirt is not hot. It's not fashion-forward. If you want to look like you just nailed Paris Hilton in the downtime between the runway and the party (which, no doubt, you did), just show up naked. Because this shit doesn't cut it.

For your future reference, we've included a photo of Posh at another party on the same night. Notice that she, too, is wearing a tee-shirt, but she had the sense to wear an ultra-snazzy one made out of green silk, and to cinch it at the waist and call it a dress. This would be considered a step up from the Cops-style outfit you're rocking.



PS: Your Hanes addiction makes you look like even more of an asshole that your Entourage character. Do you really want that? I mean, come on, you don't want to be HBO's next Sarah Jessica Parker, hot for the run of your series and then dropped on the New York City streets like a piece of dogshit. Then again, she did just come out with a low-budget fashion line, which you certainly could be paving the way for here. Hmm. Decisions, decisions, Mr. Piven. Make the right one.

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