Saturday, September 8, 2007

Big Dose of David: Beckham News

It's been a while since we had a good reason to post gratuitous photos of David Beckham. So here are some tidbits:

This guy says Becks is a serious athlete who should be taken seriously.
We say we agree because he's seriously hot, but still, he's married to a 40-something animated Bratz doll, and his Cockney accent does sound heavily influenced by helium. Still, yeah, he can kick a ball and look pretty while doing it. Works for us.

The Vancouver Whitecaps (soccer team) say they've rescheduled their match against the L.A. Galaxy because Davey B has a boo boo and they all want to run around with his shirtless hotness when he's all better. And they're requiring at least 45 minutes with him. Basically, it's the same kind of deal you get with a hooker. [Source]

Sir Bobby (wtf? Sir Bobby??) Charlton blames Posh for Becks' less-than-stellar performance as of late. He says, "I think Victoria's lifestyle affected his game," said Charlton. "He was a really great footballer and had a terrific talent but everyone is different and his lifestyle has gone in a different direction." [Source]

We say: STFU, Sir Bobby. Who asked you? The Spicy One keeps Becks groomed and ahead of the curve at all times, so we say she's good for him.

David Beckham called someone a fucking poof (= "fag") back in 2000. The guy wasn't gay. "That shocked me," says Graeme LeSaux. "That this was somebody who is obviously not homophobic makes it even more significant. I'm sure it does not cross David's mind to talk like that in, say, Elton John's company, but as a reaction to an incident, I was fair game to be called a 'poof.' LeSeux includes this charming anecdote in his forthcoming memoir, which hopes to capitalize on this comment. According to the article, A rep for Beckham, now with the Los Angeles Galaxy, called the claim "completely untrue" and said, "David would never say such a thing. It's been seven years since this match that Graeme refers to, and he has never mentioned this to David personally or publicly."

We say: Our sister not only called us "faggot" when we were kids, but she also beat us up like every single day. We're friends now. Forgive and forget. If Beckham really hated gay people, we surely would have heard from the thousands of hair stylists, designers and makeup artists who've done him over the years.

Just in case, though, here is some more photographic evidence of his love of teasing the poofs!

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