Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fashion Week: Zac Posen is the New Jesus

Demi Moore, Lucy Liu, Bernadette Peters and Martha Stewart at the Zac Posen show on September 11, 2007. What a comeback for New York! Seriously, we were sad all day yesterday about the anniversary, but this is the way to move on. These hot bitches are new BFFs, all thanks to Zac.
Bernadette Peters busting out of her dress over Zac Posen! Who wouldn't?!
Aren't those suspenders hot?!

Diddy gives Zac Posen a buddy check breast exam. Nice thought, Diddy, but the gays aren't any more likely to get breast cancer than you are. Diddy cares about Zac's health for two reasons: One, he's secretly in love with him just like everyone else in the free world and Two, Zac is a freaking cash cow for Diddy, who's an investor in Posen's business, according to former Wall Street guru and ex-inmate, Martha Stewart.

Ivanka Trump is totally Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous, but we love Patsy, and we wouldn't have it any other way! Martha said Ivanka was there with some hot new boytoy. The only thing we want to know is, is Ivanka's ring bigger than Diddy's?! Who has more money?? And why don't they give some to us for promoting their asses on here? Oh. Right. We don't have any readers.

Zac Posen brings people together, just like Jesus. But there's a difference: I would totally give my ass to Zac Posen.

Evidence that Zac Posen is magic:

  1. He's hot in an adorably goofy kind of way.
  2. He brought together Demi Moore, Martha Stewart, Diddy, Lucy Liu, Bette Midler, Bernadette Peters, Veronica Webb, and other random people who totally DO NOT belong together--and yet under the influence of Zac, they totally do.
  3. Martha raved about him this morning on her show. She said Diddy is a Posen investor. (Is Diddy the top or the bottom for Posen?? Discuss!)
  4. I am just absolutely in love with Zac Posen. Zac, please contact me! I can totally, er, not help your career or do anything but bring you down but I really, really love you. Truly.
  5. See? Magic! Under normal circumstances, I'm only half this psycho.
New York magazine is the shit for bringing us this hotness.

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