Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Serial Killer Sex: Peter Andre

Big Question: How desperate are you to screw a guy who looks like these pictures?

Why do we ask? Well, that is some guy called Peter Andre, who we think is some kind of reality TV star-slash-sort-of-singer-slash-husbandorboyfriendorwhatever of the jabbering set of giant boobs who calls herself Jordan. We've never seen Jordan actually moving or talking or anything, but she's a favorite of the bloggers because, it seems, she's a monstrous freakshow.

But she says Peter Andre is freakier. According to the awesome Dlisted, Jordon, who brags that Petey's manhood is such that if he ever dumps her she'll only ever be satisfied by an actual horse (OK, that's a paraphrase), "Pete is the sicko, not me. I'm an extremist. Have you seen the film Hostel? Our sex life is like that."

Like Hostel?! Has she seen that freaking movie?!?! We bet she has! We bet it's really like that! We hope so. It's time for that woman to go. And him too. Is he wearing JNCOs?!??

How does reality television find these freaks??

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