Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Big Fat Surprise! Wentworth's a Diva!


According to, Wentworth Miller is a Diva with a big D. The article says "a new report from the set of Prison Break has labeled Wentworth Miller 'self-important' and 'a spoiled princess.' According to insiders, Wentworth specifically forbids extras to talk to him and has a habit of throwing hissy fits at the crew."

Evidently, someone told the uber-reliable Enquirer that Wentworth’s out of control with his self-important attitude. The guy’s got the production assistants waiting for him with his flip-flops and beverages between scenes. They’re trained to respond to his every whim.”

Princess? Diva? Hissy hits? Sounds like hating on the gays to me! But wait! There's more!
"The source adds that the actor is 'downright prissy' and 'throws fits' and whines 'in a high-pitched voice' when he’s not getting his way."

Gay hate, we tell you! Someone at Fox is pissed there's a homo starring on a hit show and that he's daring to have a personal life by dating co-hottie Luke McFarlane (pictured above)!

So what if he does have hits and acts like a diva? He's hot, his hotness made the show hot, and he's a big star now. Big Fucking Surprise. At least he's not crashing his coked-out car into crowds like the other divas.

What do you think? Is Wentworth a diva? If so, does that make him a bottom?

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