Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs After-Party

Marcy Marc enjoys a bottle.

Marc enjoys a boy. That's his boyfriend, Jason Preston, not doing much to make people think he's not a ho. Well, OK, he's dressed like a pimp, and I guess that's a step above ho!

We're sorry, Marc, but Jason looks absolutely bored here.

This is Marc with Buffy's little sister, Michelle Trachtenberg.
He's so gay he couldn't even touch his lips to her face!

This is some kid called Robby Birkin. We don't know who he is or what he has to do with Marc Jacobs, but he was at the party, and somebody took his picture, and he's kind of adorable, so here he is. (Doesn't he kind of look like Benjamin Bradley?)

How do I love thee, Marc Jacobs? Let me count the ways...

  1. Your designs hit way more than they miss
  2. At 44, you are hotter than ever. At 29, I'm already feeling the gay whiplash of being washed up and too old to talk to. You're making middle age sexy and exciting in Gayville, U.S.A.!
  3. You've got a pretty hot boyfriend and a tumultous relationship, which is pretty hot too
  4. Your boyfriend used to be a ho, but you actually seem to care for one another, and don't give a shit what people think. That makes you hot.
More after party photos from New York magazine.

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