Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Incest is Best: Brothers and Sisters DVD Launch Party

The Brothers and Sisters stars were studded by these guys at the Brothers and Sisters season one launch party the other night.

OK, so Dave Annable (top) is the only real stud in the group. And he's a dorky stud. But as dorks go, he's a hot one!

Matthew Rhys (Middle left) is my favorite on the show because he plays a big ol' litigous queen with a chip on his shoulder. He must be a good actor, too, because he's full of gayface on the show, but here he looks like he could be straight. What was I thinking? No he doesn't. GAYFACE!

We think you should buy season one if only because Rhys has an affair with Prison Break star Wentworth Miller's (alleged) new real-life boyfriend, Luke McFarlane. McFarlane is hotter than anyone above, and that includes Rob Lowe, who looks here like he's been bathing in Bugs Bunny's carrot-stained pee.

What? We're just saying.

Here's a clip from the first season of Brothers and Sisters, which includes an oh-so-heartbroken Luke McFarlane snuggling up to a pillow in bed. Seriously, as primetime soaps go, it's a great show!


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