Monday, September 17, 2007

Navel Gazing: Vin Diesel!

That's right! Yesterday's belly button belongs to bodybuilding bad guy Vin Diesel.
Rumor has it, Vin is on the "most likely to come out" list. We're not ones for spreading homolicious rumors, but we do have to wonder about that vintage photo...the Betty Page pose, the jazz hands...the random GUYS AND DOLLS stamped on the bottom...what's it all add up to?

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madkweer said...

A long...long time ago in a galaxy not too far away... (actually it may have been on network TV...PBS maybe?) a show aired about those lovely, do-anything-to-become-famous, independent filmmakers. One of those film impresarios was none other than Mr. Diesel himself. He luxuriated in his first 15 minutes of fame as the camera showed him at that little Colorado film festival, pedaling his um independent film. He talked about everything from maxing out credit cards, to his homies, and his...drum roll..."partner". He never said business partner nor did he say his "partner" had a hand in making the film. Vin also allowed the camera crew to follow him from day 2 of the festival as he shaved not only his head, but his chiseled abs for the camera! He talked about his "mixed" roots (black and italian) and growing up in the supposed "mean streets". I forget what his film was about, but I wonder if anyone else remembers that show. I remember distinctly Vin in the hotel room with his 2 Italian stallion homies (Ant-nee and Tone-ee...NOT)as he trash talked about his "hot" body, his shaved head and how his partner liked it that way! Hmmmm If anyone has seen this film festival documentary do let me know. In it Vin came across VERY, VERY blue-collar, butchgay!