Saturday, June 21, 2008

Village People, Tinkerbell Get Stars On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame??

Even though publicists clamor to buy stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (yeah, that's right, the people 'honored' with a star pay a small fortune for the placement), and even though the actual Walk of Fame is along the run-down, filthy streets of Hollywood, only a couple dozen people get new stars each year.

This year's worthy recipients:

Hugh Jackman: Maybe a little early in his career?

Ben Kingsley: He doesn't have one yet?? WTF! It's about time!!

The Village People: Thank God. Can we retire YMCA from ALL clubs, proms and junior high dances now?!

Tinkerbell: Clap, Clap, Clap!!

Felicity Huffman: Best actress on TV?? She totally earned this one.

William H. Macy: He should already have one. Sweet that he and Huffy are getting their stars together...

Cameron Diaz: Say what you want, but Cam earned this with an acting range that's far beyond what anyone is willing to recognize. Go Cammy!

Robert Downey Jr.: Hotness on crack! Robbie, if you swing our way, we'll happily deal with the drug habit and impossibly huge ego. We will do your bidding. Just keep acting!

Tim Burton: WTF x 2!? He doesn't have a star yet? What the hell?!

Leslie Caron: Who?

Charles Durning: Who? He sounds English or something.

Ralph Fiennes: Yummy! Hey Ralphie, where's your fiennes brother been hiding? *snicker*

William Petersen: ?

Kyra Sedgwick: Totally earned.

John Stamos: Mmmm...Uncle Jesse + Ambien = hottest psycho on Earth!

Mark Burnett: The reality TV guy? Bought.

Chuck Lorre: This guy writes "Two and a Half Men." What kind of shit is that?!

Kenny “Baby Face” Edmonds: Take a Bow

Dave Koz: Smooth jazz or something.

The Miracles: It's a miracle.

Doug Morris: Huh?

Rush: We don't get it.

Shakira: Hellz yeah!

KFI radio personality Bill Handel: KFI radio? Does Colonel Sanders have a star?

KCRW host and resident voice on The Simpsons Harry Shearer: We guess this is OK because The Simpsons has been on the air since the dawn of television.


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