Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rape Fantasy Or Nightmare?

Mason Wyler

Adult film stay Mason Wyler posted a graphically detailed and extreme narrative on his MySpace blog, involving a fantasy he has of being drugged, sexually assaulted and humiliated, abducted and on and on. His ended the long post with these words:

After all the men had gotten their rocks off and left... my two kidnappers decided it was time to pass me off to other men... they took a permanent marker and wrote "Freshly tenderized MEAT...5 cents to use this hole" above my ass and chained me to a urinal inside of the bar I had first seen them in.... It turns out they were the owners.. No one was there since it was morning already... And I was so exhausted that I passed out a few minutes after they left.. but when I woke up.. I had a huge dick already fuckin my hole and 18 nickles in a bowl next to my head... It was then that I realized why there was such a long line for the bathroom the night before. Out of all the porn shoots and sexual encounters I've had, I had never been so degraded like that in my entire life. After that day, I was no longer human, I was too ashamed to show my face to anyone except to men who saw me as a living sex toy. I became addicted to getting used and abused... I had become a total piss drinking, cum guzzling cock slut for men with big dicks to fuck, beat, and breed... My hole was no longer mine...

These days I always find myself back there... willing to go thru all that pain over and over again.. just to get fucked, filled, and to feel like a whore.

In your opinion, Would this be a Fantasy or a Nightmare?
And if this is a fantasy of yours, then would you want to be one of the rapists or the one getting raped?

We think this question is an important one, especially with the prevalence of fantasy-based pornography in everyday pop culture these days.

This is our response to Mason's post. We'd love to know what you think.

Mason, You should read the short story "Rape Fantasies" by Margaret Atwood (basic plot info is here: Rape/sexual dominance fantasies and common and probably "normal," depending on how they affect the person's life. Regarding your personal fantasy, it seems like the kind of thing that, like most fantasies do, exaggerates your natural interests to their extreme limits. But surely if this played out in real life, you would not enjoy it. So as a fantasy it might be exciting and stimulating, but as a real-life event it would most likely be devastating. If you were in fact abducted by people you didn't know and they did this to you, the trauma of being held at knifepoint and the physical traumas and potential danger to your health from these actions would very possibly be enough to cause you to experience post-traumatic stress disorder. Consider the realities of this: If this ever were to happen, the guys probably wouldn't be model-gorgeous as they likely are in the image in your mind. If they went this far, too, you'd be lucky to escape with your life. You might experience torn tissue from the rough sex that would cause serious pain, scarring, and possibly make sex throughout the rest of your life difficult or impossible. You might contract HIV, hepatitis C, or any number of diseases. You wouldn't know the men, so you'd have absolutely no psychological comfort or feeling of safety. You'd be on your own, and I would be willing to bet that you wouldn't want to ever experience this again, and would have difficulty with intimate relationships. Rape is a serious and damaging crime against humanity. Rape fantasies are normal in most people, but acting them out is another story. The fantasies involve people who you have full control over, because they are people who are only in your head. In real-life rape situations, the person committing the assault has control over your entire destiny and, if his victim is not compliant (which s/he wouldn't be in the case of a rape), then he's elevated in his mind to the state of total control, by necessity, and usually the sex itself is not the most violent component. Do you really want to be cut, choked, beaten by someone who is causing you pain without any regard for your comfort? That's part of the fantasy, but if you lived it, it would be a nightmare. If you have ever known anyone who has lived through a violent sexual assault, you know how it affects people. It's never, ever a fantasy. Role playing is something different, though. If you were to act this scenario out with people who you knew did not intend you harm, it might be fun. But it would still be a fantasy, and not actual rape. This is a vitally important distinction.


Roger said...

As a guy, I would love to wrestle(one at a time) different guys and in each match the winner has to pin then force fuck the loser for an hour! But being held captive in a real rape no way!

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