Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Benjamin Bradley Sells His Goods on eBay!

BB is selling autographed copies of all 10 of his DVDs on eBay, ranging from his blond days to the later, darker ones.

The videos include: The Driver (Falcon Studios), Cross Counry Parts 1 & 2 (Falcon Studios), Wrong Side of the Tracks (Rascal Video), No cover (Rascal Video), Boot Boy (Rascal Video), 2nd Inning (Rascal Video), Delinquents (Rascal Video), Blond Leading the Blond (Rascal Video), Starting Young 2 (Rascal Video), Sized Up (Rascal Video.)

Click here to bid!

Ben needs the money for overpriced Madonna tix! (That caricature of Madonna below? He drew it!)

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