Saturday, June 7, 2008

Benjamin Bradley Does Gay L.A.

Beautiful Benjamin Bradley will be in L.A. for Pride weekend. He'll be shakin' his go-go goodies at popular gay-but-mainstream club The Abbey, so if you're in town, make sure to check him out!

True story: We were in L.A. for work a couple of years ago and wandered over to The Abbey for drinks and a little rump-shakin' with a couple of coworkers--one is an older gay guy who used to be Liz Taylor's personal assistant and has her flair for draaaamaaaa and the other is our former roommate, a brilliant-but-sometimes-boozy West African woman. We had a nice time. Until the roomie lost her wallet (and, therefore, her IDs and money) and her cell phone, and all effing hell broke loose. She ran around screaming on the streets that she was a victim of international identity theft and then we ended up at the West Hollywood police station until about three o'clock in the morning. Then she tried to talk us into Skybar, which was closed and when we then realized was not Skybar, but rather Sky Sushi.

Good times!

Here's a taste of what Ben will be giving at The Abbey:

And here's porn star Tommy Blade getting a real taste of Ben:

We couldn't resist!

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