Saturday, June 21, 2008

It Isn't What It Is.

Today we're starting a regular new series of commentary on what pisses us off about the way people talk. Why? Because we constantly hear people repeat annoying cliches that have no real meaning, and we think people should start thinking about the words that just fall out of their mouths. Yesterday, for example, on the way back from the Metro after our THIRTEEN HOUR workday, we walked by a couple, the female half of whom we overheard saying, "But she has such a big heart. She's all heart. My heart really goes out to her."

BLAGH! Every one of those sentences is basically meaningless. Our heart goes out to the unthinking young lady.

So to begin, we're going to attack one of the most prevalent offenders of our day:

"It is what it is."

WHAT IS IT?! And what isn't? This is probably the dumbest cliche that's ever been coined and picked up so quickly. We hear it in our office at least a dozen times a day. It is what it is. But what it is is a waste of words. Is there any point in repeating this phrase? Really, what are you saying when you say this? This phrase is usually said when something frustrating comes up that can't be changed, or when something is status quo. It's like "oh, well," but about a thousand times more annoying. It is what it is is redundant and pointless, and it is something we ask you to think about when you are tempted to say it. Make the world a better place, and when this idiotic phrase starts to roll of your tongue, pause and ask yourself what you're really saying, and say that instead.

Allow us to suggest some alternatives:

You want to say: You should say instead:

It is what it is. I am so frustrated.
It is what it is. Do you think there's any way we can fix this?
It is what it is. There's got to be a better way.
It is what it is. Get used to it.
It is what it is. She's a bitch/He's an asshole and it's not going to change.
It is what it is. You're dying.
It is what it is. You're not hot anymore.
It is what it is. No, there's no cure for herpes/genital warts.

Stay tuned for more attacks on the dumb things thoughtless people say.

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