Saturday, June 21, 2008

Marky Mark Is Ashamed Of Past Work

Mark Walhberg told Us Weekly that he has decided to do more family-friendly movies like the craptastic new M. Night Shamalan bomb The Happening because he's "done things I'm not proud of and that I'm going to have to explain."

He cites his "days on VH1 of running around in my underwear" among the embarrassment.

Note to Marky: Boogie Nights is a brilliant movie. The best you've done, even if you were mostly naked the whole time and revealed your big, fat, (fake) schlong!

And the CK underwear ads are legendary! A.C. Slater's--er, Mario Lopez's--recreations in the new People spread pale in comparison.

MM will be lucky if people forget the new crapola movie he's currently starring in, even if it is "family friendly."

Mr. Wahlberg, we know the formula to all your past successes and, apparently, so does Britney Spears:

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