Wednesday, June 25, 2008

They're Not Gay! Top Metros Include Justin Timberlake, Usher, More...

Starpulse has ranked the top 10 music industry metrosexuals.

They're not gay; they're just fancy!


1. Kanye West (Not gay; artistic!)

2. Jay-Z (Only straight guys have boobs like this.)

3. Zac Efron (Is a girl!)

4. Sean Combs (He's sucked a couple, but mostly straight. Always straight for Martha Stewart.)

5. Jon Bon Jovi (Hasn't been gay since 1994.)

6. The Jonas Brothers (Haven't hit puberty!)

7. Justin Timberlake (Effs too many hos to be a homo.)

8. Timbaland (Nah.)

9. Usher (From the front, from the back, the more the merrier!)

10. LL Cool J (Technically, wasn't Narcissus gay? Well, then?)

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