Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Old Tori Amos Concert DVD!

Our muse, Tori Amos, sang at the annual Montreux, Switzerland music festival in 1991 (before her groundbreaking album Little Earthquakes) and in 1992 (post-superstardom). A new DVD-and-CD release commemorates these performances almost two decades later.

Tori Amos - Thank You

For fans and even musicians who may not be obsessive about Tori, this is a treasure, as we get to see a young woman of almost supernatural musical talent change from confident opening act (for The Moody Blues) to a star in her own right.

The CD track list is unsurprising, but even for those of us who have dozens (hundreds?) of bootleg tapes from the early '90s, these are among the earliest recordings and, certainly, offer up the best sound quality.

  1. Silent All These Years
  2. Precious Things
  3. China
  4. Crucify
  5. Leather
  6. Song For Eric
  7. Upside Down
  8. Happy Phantom
  9. Winter
  10. Thank You
  11. Little Earthquakes
  12. Precious Things
  13. Whole Lotta Love/Thank You
  14. Me And A Gun
  15. Winter
  16. Smells Like Teen Spirit
Are you as excited as we are??

More info about this and other Tori goodness at Undented.

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