Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Shows Her True Colors (Of Shit)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, The Big 'EH', does her best to present herself as "fair and balanced" on The View, often even agreeing to disagree with the ultra-liberal comedienne and former teacher Joy Behar.

But, uh, how do we say this? EH is totally tacky. Here she is at some kind of Republican rally giving her best High School Mean Girl gossip about Michelle Obama. You know, EH, if you are going to talk shit about someone, at least do it while they are there. Joy Behar has had many face-offs with guests on The View; she doesn't slam them once they leave if she sat there and smiled while they were there. We guess that's your niche on the show, huh?

Barbara Walters needs to can your ass already. Blind young Republicunts are a dime a dozen.


Meeg said...

I REALLY thought she was going to say "that's because she has nothing to say."

Anonymous said...

This little bitch originally just had the "All American Girl" role to play on The View. She got invited to a few State dinners after some right-winger saw her in an early tiff with Rosie O'Donnell and they've been feeding her lines and inflating her ego ever since.

She likes to play it sweet and virtuous on the show, pretending people either misconstrue her choice words or that she's got the Heart of America on her side, but then does shit like this when she's in a safe zone where no one can call her on it.

This administration will soon be over and her days are numbered. I look forward to seeing her go back where she belongs: Peddling discount sub-par clothing on "The Look For Less"