Saturday, September 6, 2008

Leaked Christina Aguilera Single: She 'Keeps Getting Better'?

Christina's new single, "Keeps Getting Better," has leaked to the Innernets. Your thoughts? Preview it below, and then read ours...

What we love: Christina is, relatively speaking, restrained vocally in this song. Very few tiresome, overindulgent riffs and runs. She's learning to hold back, and that less is more. We also love that this isn't another Big Ballad; by force of the current music market, we're guessing, Christina has incorporated '80s-style dance beats into her music, and that's a fun relief after her over-the-top sappy numbers like "Beautiful" and "Hurt."

What we don't: The lyrics. "Sometimes I'm a super-bitch"? Yawn. Come on, Christina, grow up. You don't have to prove you're not a Mickey Mouse kid anymore. Just be an adult and stop the juvenile navel-gazing.

According to Faded Youth, Christina said of tomorrow night's VMA performance: “You’re going to get a first look and a first listen at my new image and my new sound. The last album, the style and sound was about vintage glam — this one is all about the future.”

We're amused that today's "future"--both musically and stylistically--are total throwbacks to the "futurism" of the 1980s.

We ask you: Why do big hair, bright colors and electronic instrumentation = future?

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