Sunday, September 7, 2008

Awesome New Courtney Love Tracks

Everyone loves to gawk and poke at Courtney Love. Whether it's leftover resentment from the Kurt Cobain years, her cosmetic "modifications," or her sudden and drastic weight loss, Courtney demands attention and usually gets it--but it's usually negative.

We say: Get over the Courtney-bashing! Clearly she has struggled publicly from time to time, but if you listen to her music, you'll understand her life from her perspective.

Here's a live performance of a track called "Letter to God," off her upcoming album. As with all of her music, this song is so sincere and honest and raw that it could be an uncomfortable listen the first time around, but trust us, it will grow on you.

Go to Courtney's MySpace page to hear the studio version of this song, along with "Pacific Coast Highway" and "Car Crash"--great, GREAT songs.

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