Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Economy, The Election: We Have A Problem

OK. So. Here we go.

We grew up listening to our grandmother's stories of the Depression era (She was born in 1920.) and World War II era, when she was constantly sick because she was anemic and iron-rich proteins were rationed. We don't want to be alarmist, but are people LISTENING out there? To their grandparents? To the news (which is actually covering NEWS these days!! How serious is it when there's more than shootings and informercial product testing on the local news, huh?).

Here's a recent rundown if you're not listening:

1. Financial institutions are dropping out of the market like roaches after bringing Raid pellets back home to their babies. This means: Despite what people on TV are saying (It's called 'damage control.'), our money is NOT safe. We owe massive debt to China and other countries, Russia absolutely HATES us right now, to say nothing of the Middle East region. And I'm not being xenophobic: we all know this country has been pushing its luck and ignoring foreign relations for the past eight years. This is what happens. Are you scared? You should be.

2. Smokescreen politics. Seriously, let's deal with this NOW. Sarah Palin is not qualified to be vice president or president, if that time comes. Her interview with Charles Gibson made it clear that she doesn't know the answers to the questions, or even the background material. She was giving the 'right' answer. I don't have a problem with religious people, but a country cannot be run by faith. It can be run into the ground by it, though. If you don't believe us, just look to George Bush.

3. This whole thing about delaying the campaign until this economic crisis is resolved? (See video below.) What the fuck. No. McCain has been running for almost a YEAR now while serving as senator. Obama (second video) is correct (and negligent, just like McCain and any other senator who bails out on Congress to run for president): they've gone this far; now we need to know who is smart enough to start to turn things around.

4. George Bush warns us that we're facing 'a long and painful recession.' Really? Didn't he deny a recession just a few weeks ago? This was NOT hard to predict. Listen to Suze Orman, not George Bush. Dear Mr. Bush: Shut the fuck up. Seriously. Leave. Get out of the White House. Go back to Texas or leave the country. We're not just being angry. It must be miserable being George Bush, who has always seemed so sure of himself and his motivations, and now everything is falling apart. He has seriously run a legendary country into the ground, with the help of an administration of greedy yes-men.

We are mad. Burning up. This country has a fever right now. Is it going to perish? We get fever chills writing this, but yes, it is going to succumb to this sickness if we don't wake the hell up and throw out the assholes who are fucking up our country today. This isn't a diatribe in support of Barack Obama. It's desperation. Call Congress, send them emails and faxes, and tell them you are freaked out and want this shit managed properly TODAY, not tomorrow, not in November after the election, and not in February after the new president comes in.

Are you ready to lose all your money, your national identity, and possibly your life to the gluttony of a few fuckups in Washington, D.C.? No, really, ask yourself that right now. Are you? DO SOMETHING.

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Jay said...

I'm afraid it might be worse than that.

Watch this.

I think his book is the scariest thing I've ever read. Everything is broken. We've been complicit. An election won't fix anything. We have to fix it ourselves, and it's going to suck. A lot.