Saturday, September 6, 2008

"A Loving Warning To Teens": You're Going To Hell!

Ah, good old-fashioned Christian love! This sign, which appears outside of a church in Blacklick, Ohio, is an obvious reference to the popular Katy Perry song.

A few thoughts...

1. Did it actually take THIS long for that omnipresent song to make its way to the Ohio airwaves? Good Lord. (haha)

2. Katy Perry is actually Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, the daughter of two pastors who developed her pipes singing in gospel choirs. Her first album, Katy Hudson, was a Christian gospel record.

3. Here's Katy Hudson singing about how her "Faith Won't Fail" her.

(Is it just us, or does the beginning of this track sound...demonic??)

4. Circa 2008, it looks like Katy's faith has failed her--or at least Havens Corner Church would say so. She's so gay, and she doesn't even like girls!

What would Jesus do? Hate, hate, hate!!!

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