Wednesday, August 27, 2008

'Passions' Star Justin Hartley Joins 'Smallville''

When I started my MFA program three years ago, I took mornings off work on the days I had early afternoon classes so I could get my writing and workshopping done before class. And then I discovered it: Passions, the greatest show in TV history. Sadly, Timmy the magic doll-midget had already passed to the great beyond, but there was still a baby blonde witch who could control lightning and, as if that were not enough, a mermaid who at one time lay on a beach hiding her aqua-sequined tail behind a rock for an entire week of episodes, trying (successfully) to hide her secret from her beau. NBC never tried to pass off the laughable not-very-special effects with this show; in fact, those laughable effects were the show.

Or at least they were a big part of it. This guy, Justin Hartley, was another big part. I'm pretty sure he spent an entire month of episodes in his bedroom wearing only boxer shorts, in a trance, and then he fell out of a window. This was not great cinema, people. This wasn't even Days of Our Lives. But! It was a total stud wearing next to nothing! And that's good enough for us!

Now we can see the same total stud and his "Green Arrow" (green?!) on Smallville, the Superboy series that has yet to find its kryptonite.

Blah blah blah. We don't care about Smallville. Smallville is no Passions.

A classic great-acting moment from The. Best. Show. Ever! (PS: No, it's NOT gay porn!)

Plus, he can bust a move!

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