Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Anderson Cooper Disappoints

OK, so it may be totally true that Ali Lohan looks "more like she's 60" than 14, but did this superstar CNN news anchor and reluctant homo role model have to insult the poor girl on national television? Even Kelly Ripa has more sense than that!

Seriously, if A.C. had seen us when we were fourteen and told the world (accurately, mind you) that we were a fatass, pizzafaced freak with pregnant woman stretch marks, we would have been found dead that very day, an empty box of Dramamine in one hand and a tear-smudged printout of AndyCoo in the other. Dreams dashed!

Anderson, you disappoint us. This is no way for a dignified silver fox to act. Is this the beginning of your transition to "Best Week Ever" commentator on VH1? Or Fox News?

For shame, for shame...

P.S. Anderson does redeem himself in this video by saying "I love LEATHUH!"

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