Saturday, June 30, 2007

David Beckham Botoxes! says London plastic surgeon Dr. Alex Karidis.

According to Karidis:

“He used to have a large line across his forehead which seems to have vanished. He has all the hallmarks of a botox forehead. He also appears to have had a lift on his eyebrows, that can often happen when botox is injected into that area.”

“And there were quite deep crow’s feet around the eyes a couple of years ago. These seem to have almost disappeared. Changes like this in other celebrities are usually thanks to botox.

Additionally, it seems that some of David Beckham’s naso-labial lines (laugh lines that extend from the nose to the mouth) may have also been treated to some injection fillers such as Restylane. Dr. Karidis adds, “It could be that he’s also used fillers on his nose-to-mouth lines. These used to be quite prominent in pictures. Usually these things get worse not better with age. But Beckham seems to have lost them and looks much younger now.”

Does he or doesn't he?

And would you if you could look like him??

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