Thursday, June 28, 2007

Anderson Cooper Disses Paris

The Coopster took on Ms. Hilton last night on CNN. Immediately after Larry King's interview, Andy gave his 360-degree POV on the girl:

Coop says: “I just don’t understand her. I don’t understand the appeal. I don’t understand what she has done."

We say: Something tells us he hasn't seen her "art films." We recommend Cooper "One Night In Paris" to gain some perspective.

Coop says: “For me, the big question is that someone who is born into such privilege and given so many opportunities not to make the most of that and try to use that in a way… You know, rather than spend 26 years of your life trying to walk a red carpet and get more attention on yourself, why not try to use some of that attention for something good?"

We say: Who should know better than the son of Gloria Vanderbilt?

Coop says: “I would argue that for someone… who has the privilege of being born into a wealthy family and opportunities of great schooling and world knowledge and travelling around the world and seeing the plight of people around the world, for her then to spend a good bulk of her life going to parties and promoting herself. But she’s promoting herself as a model, it would have been nice if she would have done that, and she’s only 26 and maybe she’s still young…But 26, I got to tell you, there’s a lot of soldiers in Iraq who are 18 years old, and taking on greater responsibility."

We say: Be grateful you have CNN's promotions department, Andyboy, or you might have to do the party circuit (circuit party?) yourself.

(Say, isn't that picture above from a photo shoot? Nice modeling.)

Still, you've done the time in the trenches, so you win this battle.

Watch Anderson Cooper nail Paris Hilton on video.

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Jason said...

I'm grateful to see Anderson's discontent with Paris...and how reluctant he seems to even be talking about such a useless topic on his show...He has proved himself to be worthy of his own fame regardless of his family name, unlike Paris, who as A.C. states correctly, has done nothing positive with her name other than working the red carpets. You go Anderson! Now if you'll just come out of the closet...Please! We need you! Great pic of him too, btw.