Monday, May 5, 2008

Two New Gay Actors: Van Hansis & Tyler Hanes

According to Perez, Van Hansis, a gay actor who plays a gay character (hey, he's a great actor!) on As the World Turns, is dating Broadway star Tyler Hanes.

We're happy for the couple! We hope the homos will keep on coming, if for no other reason than to freak out idiot Republicans who think there actually is a gay army trying to destroy the world.

You can tell by their faces: These guys sont dangereux!

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Anonymous said...

Im a Republican and I really resent this implication and very biased statement. As someone who suffers from being prejudged, you would think you would be more sensitive to blanket statements that sterotype a group of people. I was the biggest Luke and Reid fan out there and, for me, that was the greatest love story ever told on daytime. Im a proud former Huckabee supporter but I don't agree with him on every issue. Show me a candidate you can agree with on every issue and I'll show you someone who is not able to think for himself.