Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brad & Angie...Still Perfect

That sexually malevolent hottie from Thelma and Louise has grown into a distinguished gentleman. This man knows how to age gracefully.

Today's basically useless Brangelina news is that Angie has dropped her twins' names: Castor and Pollux. Yes, like castor oil and pollacks. (Pollack is that white fish that fish sticks are made of...what's better than one pollack? Many pollacks!)

Actually, "Castor" is Greek for "he who excels," and "Pollux" means "very sweet," according to the always-reliable Wikipedia. But the real reason Angelina loves the names? Well, her name means "pretty little angel," so why not name her sons after the Dioscuri--the "sons of Zeus."

Oh well, who can argue? Their children will be gods. Unless they're little devils.

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