Sunday, May 11, 2008

Andrew Christian Gets Musical

Gorgeous designer Andrew Christian is branching out of apparel and underwear with a new project...

Andrew Christian, Inc. ( and Tango Blues Entertainment ( are pleased to announce the launch of the Music To Wear Tour 2008 presented by Andrew Christian ( with music by DJ Kimberly S. This natural blend of vocal House music from Internationally known DJ Kimberly S. ( and the fashion of celebrity designer Andrew Christian is sure to be a hit with club goers and fashionistas alike. Music To Wear Tour dates are quickly filling up the calendar for the year, with the official kick-off in Philadelphia, PA this Friday, May 2nd, 2008, as part of the Blue Ball ( events. Additional tour dates already scheduled include Hydrate in Chicago (May 10th), Piranha in Las Vegas (May 24th), Fresh in San Francisco (May 25th), Cobalt in Washington D.C. on August 1st and the Music To Wear Tour’s closing date at WETbar in Atlanta on December 6th, 2008. Additional dates are being confirmed daily, and will be added to the official Music To Wear tour website located online at

The goal of the tour is to promote the relationship between fashion and music, and how the two influence each other in style and design. Live fashion shows will be held at many of the events by designer Andrew Christian himself (schedule allowing). Patrons will receive free giveaways from Andrew Christian including 100 copies of the Music To Wear Vol. 1 CD compilation by DJ Kimberly S. being given out to the first 100 patrons at each event. The CD contains tracks from some of today’s hottest stars in the dance music genre including Debby Holiday, Billie Myers, The Perry Twins feat. Jania, remixes by Jake Benson, Aiden Leslie, LEX feat. Niki Haris, Alyson feat. Zeb, plus many other great artists. Not available in stores or for download, the Music To Wear Vol. 1 CD compilation is only available to guests as a promotional gift during the Music To Wear Tour 2008 presented by Andrew Christian.

Exciting Music To Wear tour news, additional tour dates, photo galleries and more will be available on the official tour blog at Both Andrew Christian and DJ Kimberly S will be updating the blogs after each tour date with their own words about the events and fans. Fans are encouraged to participate with comments on the blogs, send in their own photos from the events, and enter to win prizes throughout the year from Andrew Christian! Fans will be able to enter a variety of contests including best Andrew Christian amateur models, craziest underwear photos and “design your own” underwear contests. Contests will occur monthly only on the Music To Wear Tour blog, and winners will be chosen by the Andrew Christian design team.


DJ Kimberly S.: Kimberly performs at some of the nation’s biggest parties including New Orleans' Mardi Gras, One Mighty Party in Orlando, Miami’s Winter Party and Chicago’s Fireball. In 2008 her travels will take her to many new cities including her debut at the Blue Ball in Philadelphia, Bangkok, Thailand for Song Kran 2, plus Kimberly will be returning to Fire Island Pines this summer. Most recently, she has begun to concentrate on international appearances. Last year, she headlined Circuit Asia in Manila, Philippines. “I am determined to conquer Europe,” she laughs. “I started as a local DJ, became national, now I’m ready to take on the world!” It my sound ambitious, but Kimberly believes it’s important that people set goals for themselves. “It’s the best way to get what you want out of life - and it really works!”

She produced two mixed CDs for dance music label Centaur Music's popular Party Groove series. The second, titled One Mighty Party, was based on the popular Orlando gay pride circuit event that she has headlined twice. Kimberly recently completed the Music To Wear Vol. 1 CD compilation for designer Andrew Christian’s Music To Wear Tour in 2008.

Kimberly made her network TV debut in fall of 2002, portraying – what else? - a club DJ on the WB series Charmed. She was also selected as a celebrity spokes model for John Paul Mitchell Systems, appearing in a national color photo spread for the renowned hair care line. She is also a certified martial arts trainer and owns KICK! Martial Arts in Hollywood, CA. For more information and a complete bio please visit

Andrew Christian: With his movie star good looks and out of the box designs, fashion God Andrew Christian quickly set himself apart from the other prominent designers of his generation. Born and raised in Fresno, CA Andrew moved to LA at the age of 19 to pursue a career in fashion. Though he gained experience working briefly for other companies at first, Andrew always knew he’d have his own brand and an outlet to create his unique vision. Just out of high-school, Andrew launched his brand “Andrew Christian”.

Though Andrew has been producing contemporary collections of urban inspired menswear, swimwear, edgy tees, and accessories since its inception in 1997, it was Andrew’s innovative underwear designs that established the company as a force in the fashion world. Andrew’s designs can now be found in exclusive boutiques such as Kitson Men (Los Angeles), Fred Segal (Los Angeles), and Patricia Field (New York), to name a few. For more information and a complete bio please visit!

Tango Blues Entertainment: A talent management, touring and production company involved in the entertainment industry for over 14 years, Tango Blues Entertainment has worked in film, fashion, music and photography. Representing some of the top artists of interest to the GLBT communities including Top 10 Billboard recording artists Debby Holiday, Billie Myers and Erin Hamilton, DJs including DJ Kimberly S., DJ Scotty K. and DJ Derek Monteiro, plus celebrities such as two time Instinct cover model JP Calderon from Survivor: Cook Islands and the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Jack Mackenroth from Project Runway and Ginch Gonch Boy Benjamin Bradley. Other services include branding and symbiotic marketing projects for clients including Andrew Christian, Cruz Azur jewelry and photographer Karl Simone. The Tango Blues Entertainment website at contains talent bios, streaming music players, performance schedules and video clips, plus you can receive industry news, party photos and gossip via our branded blog at experience it!

Andrew Christian and DJ Kimberly S. sit down to interview eachother!

DJ Kimberly S and Andrew Christian recently sat down together at the sound studio as Kimberly put the final touches on her Music To Wear Vol. 1 CD and talked about the tour, fashion, music, butt-lifting boxers and kicking ass. Here’s what the two had to say…

DJ Kimberly S: So what's the latest with Mr. Andrew Christian?

Andrew Christian: The latest and most exciting thing is my Flashback Boxer. It looks like a normal pair of underwear, but has built-in spandex strapping that lifts and supports the buttock. It really works too, and can add ½" – 1" to the total measurement. Guys really like it and seem to identify with the Flashback.

KS: That sounds pretty cool… like a bra for a guy’s butt. I want to see those in action on this tour! This is going to be such a fun tour… the two of us out at clubs all over the country. I'll be spinning the hot tracks, and I heard you’re planning some sexy fashion shows right?

AC: Yes, It's going to be quite special. Andrew Christian and Kimberly S. live! I mean, fashion and music are so complimentary, so much so last season I had swimsuits with a pocket to hold your MP3 player. I hope the cities we are touring to will be ready for us, because we are going to put on a killer show!

KS: I've known you for a couple years now, but I don't know that much about your past. What got you started in fashion?

AC: I got started in fashion at an early age, while I was still in high school. I was in the underground club scene as a teenager and would make my own and friends outfits for these various club events. I have always been passionate about fashion. And you? When did you start spinning?

KS: I started spinning when I was 20. I met a DJ at a local lesbian club here in West Hollywood, and asked him if he would be interested in teaching me how to spin. I was managing a record store in Hermosa Beach at the time, so I offered to order him 12” singles at a discount in exchange. He gave me two lessons, loaned me some old turntables, and got me my very own night spinning at the same club. I held a residency there for 8 years!

AC: Wow 8 years is a great run. And it just blossomed into so many big opportunities for you! When you remixed the Music To Wear Vol. 1 CD what made you choose the songs for it?

KS: All of the tracks were donated by the artists and remixers, with some being Tango Blues Entertainment artists. I knew I wanted songs from Debby Holiday, Billie Myers and Jake Benson, as they are part of my TBE family. I wanted the mix to flow, but for each track to have it’s own identity. I’m blessed to have had such talented artists and remixers to choose from, including The Perry Twins and Aiden Leslie.

AC: What kind of dance music do you like the most? Is it all about the vocal divas with you or the Latin Tribal beats?

KS: My heart and my roots are with House music. Deep, soulful House music. I love pretty much everything I play though, and can play EVERYTHING. So, I feel pretty fortunate. You? What gets your booty shaking!

AC: I lean more towards Latin and Tribal beats, I guess that is the Latin heritage in me.

KS: Latin? I didn’t know that. My girlfriend is Latin. Now wonder we all get along. And you have a line for us girls now too! It's very sexy and comfortable. What’s your favorite piece in the new collection?

AC: My favorite women's piece is the bamboo camisole. It is constructed from eco-friendly sustainable growth bamboo. Not to mention it’s super cute, with rainbow colored trimming. And I heard you opened a Martial Arts school recently. How’s that work with your DJ schedule?

KS: I recently opened my very own martial arts studio in Hollywood called Kick! Martial Arts. We specialize in a blended style of Taekwondo that encompasses Hapkido and Kuksoolwon as well. We also have an extremely popular Kickboxing program. It’s been my dream and I’m loving every minute of it! I’m still DJing full steam ahead, and just recently played in Bangkok, Thailand for Song Kran, which is the Thai New Year. It was an absolutely amazing party! As soon as I returned home, I had to fly up to Vancouver for a gig at Celebrities. Hey, when you are out at a club in some other city, and you see people wearing your clothes, do you ever go up and say something like "Thank you for wearing me"?

AC: I am so happy when I see people wearing my designs, I get such a trill from it. I usually tell them I love their Andrew Christian shirt, or how cute it looks on them. I just can't wait to get this tour started, I am so excited about all of the fun we are going to have and hope everyone enjoys it as much as we are. If I get out of line you won’t kick my ass will you?

KS: I promise not to kick your ass! I totally save it for the mat. I do love kicking ass there! I’m just ready to get out on the road with you and the Music To Wear tour… we’ll kick ass on it together!