Saturday, May 3, 2008

RIPS Underwear Model Dominic Savo

If you can look beyond proud Italian Dominic Savo's breathtaking body for a moment, do it and instead focus on his eyes. We can think of only one word: Spellbinding.

Dom is a model for RIPS underwear, among other things, and after seeing his modeling portfolio we just had to feature some of his shots. (We were going to write "some of his best shots," but there's not an imperfect one among them.)

What we like about Dom is that he seems to be humble and intelligent, focusing on keeping his heritage and family close to him and taking his work seriously with a long-term career in mind:

"Modeling and acting are a passion and goal of mine. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing photographers and would like to thank them. When I work I give 100%. I am very respectful and act professional and expect the same in return. I will continue to work hard on building my portfolio."

Dom only has one flaw as far as we're concerned: "I don't shoot nude."

Shoot. Oh well.


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Anonymous said...

huge cup man... feel like holding it

Anonymous said...

He is a very respectful and humble person. I wish him the best in his life. I heard he has left the industry to pursue a different career.

Best of luck to you Dominic. You deserve it!