Monday, April 28, 2008

RIPPED In the Rain

We at GuyStyle appreciate hotness, as you know--but we also appreciate artistry and creativity. The photo above, from RIPS, gives us both.

Are those exotic guys actually standing in their skivvies in the middle of the Giza? No, they're in New York City!

According to our friends at RIPS, this photo came at the end of day-long photo shoot (those poor workers had to look at these guys all day!), and the models are actually standing on the roof of an NYC skyscraper, and that pyramid in the background?

It's an elevator shaft!

We're posting this because:

  1. We love hot guys!
  2. We love RIPS!
  3. We love awesome photography!
  4. Shaft...heh...

1 comment:

Meeg said...

Beautiful photo. Very hot.