Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Gaga iPhone Karaoke App: Record Your Music & Share With Others!

Lady Gaga has partnered with a company called iOKi to create a new exclusive iPhone app that will let you sing along with, record, and share your versions of her music with other people!

And, according to TechCrunch, it's actually a great app! (We'll believe it when we hear it.)

Using the app is pretty straightforward: you choose a song, and the app launches into its viewing mode, where the lyrics pop up on your iPhone screen just as they would on more tradional karaoke machines. Depending on your setup, you can have the backing music and vocals come from either your phone’s headphone jack or its built-in speaker (your vocals can go in through either your headphone’s built-in microphone or the phone mic). The interface is easy enough to figure out within a few seconds, though I think it looks a bit bland given the iPhone’s penchant for glossy things. Once you’ve recorded a song, the app will present you with a link that you can use to share your recording across the web.

The app launches in the iTunes and App Stores on November 23, the same day as the release of Gaga's much-anticipated Fame Monster album.

We love Gaga, but we are incredulous about one thing. At her recent concert at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., she asked the audience, "What is the one thing I hate more than anything in the world?"

The audience was dumbfounded.

Gaga roared: "MONEY!" And then she sang "Money, Honey."

For someone who allegedly hates money (she has said that she spent all of her money to pay for her Fame Ball tour), she she does a lot of cross-marketing. Surely she makes money off of her songwriting for Michael Bolton, Adam Lambert and others, not to mention Gaga-themed merchandise, TV appearances and now...a Gaga iPhone app? There's nothing wrong with making money, especially as a pop idol who worships pop, but we don't love the shades of hypocrisy we see in this behavior.

So Gaga, either stop saying you hate money and its corruptive power of illusion, or give me some, already. Lord knows you've got enough to spare by now!

Here's an iOKi tutorial video to ease your learning curve, because you KNOW you're gonna download it on Tuesday morning.


Teresa said...

I am so excited for this app you don't even know!

I didn't hear about her and screaming "MONEY!" story at her show. Maybe she was being sarcastic?? I wouldn't know. But how much do you think she'd make off of an iPhone app? It's cool because a lot of celeb apps now work just like blogs, I like that Lady Gaga's is more about her fans than herself.

Becks said...

I watched the demo video you posted, and saw that they also put up videos of the fans singing at The Fame Monster release in LA. It's the best video! Absolutely adorable listening to these people fail at harmonizing.