Monday, March 30, 2009

GaGa...Take Me Away!

So, yeah. Let's this to the point: this year so far has been a waking nightmare.

But. But!! There's hope, and it's coming this Thursday in the form of Lady GaGa! Soooo excited! Someone wonderful (and kinda cute, too) bought tix and I'm gonna see my new muse number two (after Tori, of course).

In honor of me putting all my hopes and dreams in one oddball 23 year old (happy birthday, Lady!), here's a pretty awesome video a few of her fans put together. Be sure to watch past the first minute or gets better.

*By the way, a few people have sent me really thoughtful and kind e-mails over the past few weeks, and I really appreciate them. I don't really want to revisit all the bad things that have been going on, but rest assured I saved your messages and will get back to you eventually. It doesn't matter so much whether or not people keep coming back here, but knowing that there are good people in the world who will take a few minutes to send positive thoughts really does matter. Thank you.

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