Monday, July 2, 2007

Thoroughbreds: Two Charming Princes

The princes have come out in support of their long-lost mother, and have proven that inbreeding notwithstanding, the Royals still know good breeding.

Harry is stylish above with a navy umbrella, and William shows that he'll be a fit king when the day comes.

Matt Lauer's interview--surprisingly not very exploitative--reran before NBC's abbreviated (no Will Young!) airing of the Diana Concert last night. We saw the princes' interview and Larry King's interview with Paris Hilton and all we can say is: Old Money vs. New Money = No Contest. When Paris said, "I am grateful for things now. I appreciate things," the comment rang false, but when Harry said he is "grateful we have a house over our head--a lot of people don't have that," he came across as humble and sincere.

We'll say it again: No Contest.

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