Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Stamos was on Rx Drugs

John Stamos said that his (hopefully) temporary insanity was due to the prescription sleeping pill Ambien. Here's what he told Us Weekly:

“I took Ambien at 5 a.m. and got up at 7 a.m.," he explains. “I was OK and did a few radio interviews. Then I had a break at 10 a.m. I dozed off and couldn’t wake up. Security banged on the door, shook me and woke me up. They threw a jacket on me and put me in front of the camera. I did three or four interviews after that, and no one said a word.”

“It was a weird very out of character hour of my life,” he adds.

We'll say! We're worried about John--he has always seemed so down-to-earth before this weirdness. Though watching him dry hump a glass head was kind of hot.

The actor confides that he has yet to see any of the footage, telling Us, “I’m afraid to look at it.”

We say: Be a man, John! Look at it!

Here it is:

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