Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy: In Memoriam

Today's news about Brittany Murphy hit hard.

Tabloid gossips like the vicious Perez Hilton (who has already begun attacking Murphy's memory) have been quite cruel to the young woman over recent years, due to purported drug abuse, eating disorders and other problems.

Now she is gone.

Brittany Murphy was a talented young actress. I remember the single-season sitcom "The Torkelsons" and its spin-off "Almost Home" only because of Murphy, and I instantly recognized her from the show when I saw her in her most memorable role in Clueless years later.

Although Angelina Jolie got all the credit for the so-so movie Girl, Interrupted, Brittany Murphy gave the film all of its emotional resonance. It's tragic that Murphy never found a solid place as the scene-stealing character actress of her time, but of course that tragedy does not compare with that of her death.

I don't know anything about her personal problems, but I hope that people will let her memory rest and leave her family alone.

In her memory:

Almost Home, 1993

Clueless, 1996

Girl, Interrupted, 1999

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