Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Panty-Christ

Soooo here I am watching the first episode of The Fashion Show, Bravo's desperate attempt to keep Project Runway viewers from jumping ship and fleeing to The Valerie Bertinelli and Meredith Baxter-Birney Movie Network (aka Lifetime). It stars Isaac Mizrahi (aka Is-Miz) and Kelly Rowland (aka Kelly Rowland).

And--wtf!--one of the super-gay contestants is none other than Andrew Christian, the underwear designer who apparently is known as "the Panty-Christ." (We like his lifeguard inspired undies, but we didn't know he was important enough to have such a demonic monkier.)

Aaaaaaaaaaanyway. Not sure how I feel about the show yet, but one thing is clear: TFS is going to be my new favorite source for absurdly snarkastic quotes. Examples:

  • "I love a gray satin harem pant as a must-have piece."
  • "I'd need some butter and a miracle to put that on me."
  • "It's a breast-centric thing, do you know what I mean? That is all about the breast."
  • "The model had to be cut out of it to go to the bathroom. That is shameful." "But she could lie down in it!"
This show might satisfy my need for nonsense once ANTM is over. Woo hoo!

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