Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mandy Moore On Prop 8

I had the opportunity to interview Mandy Moore for and when I asked her about her thoughts on Prop 8, she revealed that her older brother is gay and got married before Prop 8 took effect. We spoke last week, and since then California has ruled that those married before Prop 8 was enacted would be able to reinstate their legal statuses. Congratulations to Mandy's brother! Too bad for everyone else. :-(

Here's Mandy's full comment on the issue:

The song “Merrimack River” is named after a river in Massachusetts, which recognizes same-sex marriage, and New Hampshire, your home state -- one of the few states that offers full civil rights to same-sex couples. Are you surprised that California voted to deny these rights?

"Yes. Unbelievably surprised. And saddened. Unfortunately, I was still a Florida resident during the election because I grew up in Florida and I still spend a lot of time there. So I didn’t get to vote as a California resident, which is a bummer. Although they had a similar vote on the Florida bill as well. I have to say I’m ... I’m still shocked that California voted against it. And in fact, my older brother and his boyfriend got married right before the election just in case things ended up going the way that they did, and I think my family was all the more disappointed that things went the way that they did with the decision."

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