Friday, July 18, 2008

How White Am I? Stuff I Like...

So I heard the author of the StuffWhitePeopleLike blog and book on the radio yesterday morning and I was intrigued enough to visit his site...finally! It sounds pretty gimmicky--and it is--but the blog's author, Christian Lander, was quite well-spoken and came across as very intelligent and diplomatic despite the DJ's rapidfire attempts to lure him toward making stupid comments.

Anyway, the blog has an extensive list of things white people like and, as if you care, I've decided to tally up exactly how white I am based upon this list. Despite the nearly translucent quality of my skin, I am surprisingly less white than I thought. Of course, we must factor in the very specific subset of white-and-gay to which I belong, as well as the fact that more than half of my friends are not white. Or maybe we don't. I don't know. I'm an expert on this science.

So, uh, how white are you?

So? Did you learn anything?

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Hansisgreat said...

That's very clever. I scored an 84. Most of the points I lost were for pop-culture stuff. I thought Juno was stupid, and the Wire is like a boring version of Law & Order.
Thanks for a fun time with the survey!