Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Did Britney Spears Rip Off Mika??

I've been thinkin'
Just sittin' thinkin'...

These are the opening lines of Brit-Brit's new song "It Should Be Easy ft. will.i.am."  The song has got me thinkin'...

Now, before we say anything critical, just for the record, we like the song.  We like Brit-Brit.  She has the voice of an angel with a sinus infection.  It's all part of her charm.

Not so charming is that the song feels like a total ripoff of a Mika song--and it seems like nobody's even concerned with hiding that.

Britney's new song is "It Should Be Easy."

Mika's old song: "Relax, Take It Easy."

The choruses are just too similar to be a coincidence.

What do you think: are the producers behind the Britney curtain just "inspired" by Mika's 2006 song, or is this a case of plagiarism?

Listen, and then discuss.

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