Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oprah Really Loves Gaga!


We know Oprah had Lady Gaga on her show, and most of what Oprah features on her show is what Oprah loves.

(Oprah loves Oprah! We know it; we love it. Most of the time.)

But Oprah makes a huge revelation in the 10th anniversary issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. In it, Oprah is interviewed by a handful of women fans, plus GAAAAAAYYYYYYLE KIIIIIIIIIIING! [Gayle is so important, she must be introduced in Oprah Voice.] Here's a bit of the interview:

Gayle: Who's your favorite musician on your iPod right now?

Oprah: Gaga.

Fan: If you could sing any karaoke song, would it be Lady Gaga?

Oprah: It would definitely be a Tina Turner song. Because if I can see myself as anybody, I can't be Gaga but I can be Tina.

First of all, with all due respect to The Mighty Oprah, it's impressive that someone of her age (56) can stomach the image of Lady Gaga, much less actually like her music, which--let's face it--even if you're older and appreciate Gaga's creative styling, her kind of electropop is unlikely to appeal to people of a certain age.

Big points to Oprah!

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