Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gay Music Video Hits #1 On MTV!!!


I just cannot believe how much the world has changed since I graduated from high school in 1996. I lived in fear every day back then, trying to avoid going to school (which I successfully did 35-45 days a year) for fear or being beaten or shamed to death because of my sexuality. Now, we have shows like "Glee" and (the nearly departed) "Ugly Betty," which include openly gay young characters.

But nothing is as reflective of a cultural landscape as popular music and--in particular--music videos.

So it is astounding that a gay-themed music video by a Guyanese-born, Trinidad-raised (i.e., black) artist just hit number one on the MTV music video charts.

Behold, the appropriately titled video, "Love," by Nhojj.

Read more about why this is important at

And read more about Nhojj on his Web site.

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