Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Marc Jacobs's Man Talks to HX Mag

Fashion icon Marc Jacobs's fiance talks to HX magazine.

Among the highlights, Jason says...

  • "We're back together...we could break up tomorrow, but he'll always be in my heart, and I'll always be in his."
We say: You'll break up tomorrow. But awwww.
  • "I’d go out every single night, he’d come home and I’d never be there. But that was in my party days. I’m more about going to the gym now, getting my fitness on, eating right—and no drugs or alcohol."
We say: Is the new gym fetish thing gayer than the drugged-out partying thing? Discuss.
  • On their sex life: "Oh my God. Amazing!"
We say: Who knew? Old man sex rocks!
  • On (friend) Lindsay Lohan: "She has issues she needs to work out, but this time around she’s going to come back and fuckin’ prove to everybody who she really is."
We say: Lindsay has talent and will pull herself out of this. If she doesn't die first.
  • On his groupie-love tattoos: " I got “Marc Jacobs” because he’s my best friend and I’ll always love him. And I got “Mariah” because she’s a great friend, I grew up loving her, and now that I know her, I love her even more. I know I’ll never regret it, so that’s why I got it."
We say: Idiot! NEVER tattoo a name on your body! You could hate Marc tomorrow (for good this time) and Mariah? Why are we hearing the Psycho theme?
  • On the gay-ngagement: "We always say crazy retarded things, but a couple of weeks ago he came back from shopping, looked at me and said, “You promise to love me and be with me forever?” I said, “Yes.” And then he gave me the ring."
We say: Only assholes use the R word.
  • On who his best man will be: "Wouldn’t it be fierce if my bridesmaids were Mariah, Naomi Campbell and Lindsay?"
We say: Starfucker.
  • On his goals: "I want to open up an organization for children living with HIV and AIDS. That’s something that’s really close to my heart. I really don’t care about making money."
We say: We'll applaud you for it when you do it. With MJ's money, of course.

Above: Marc Jacobs with his former-escort-and-porn-star fiance Jason Preston.

Below: Jason's VERY not-safe-for-work Manhunt photos!

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